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Presentation Success!!!

After a successful season, the Magpies let their hair down last weekend with our Senior and Junior Presentations.

The Senior Presentation kicked off Friday night with over 140 in attendance to celebrate an amazing season, which saw the Miranda Magpies pick up Five Premierships. Many awards were presented on the night including The Bob Rivett Award to Leslie Banning and the Shirley Yardley award, presented to Rita Bates. Alex "Silver" Morales picked up the Presidents Award and many players won their Players Player awards from their teammates.

"It was probably the best Senior Presentation ever" said President Brad Bates. "Full credit to Marty Mann and Gary O'Riordan for their organisation of this event, the comedian was absolutely fantastic, Tradies did a tremendous job with the catering, the beer was cold....what more could you want. Oh, and the DJ was great too.....just a brilliant night".

Players, parents, committee members and friends all partied the night away in celebration of a brilliant season.

Saturday wasn't a rest day though..... many bleery eyed Committee members backed up to put the final touches on the Junior Presentation which was on Sunday. It was a hugely successful day with many teams, parents and players taking advantage of the sun and the kids were loving the rides and the sausage sizzle. The fairy floss lady worked harder than ever with a line 20 deep for most of the day and our rides were a huge success, but the real fun came later when the dance competition started up on stage with some random rapping by one "un-named" committee member.

Many awards were presented, including Georgia who won Junior Club Person of the Year. "The rides were a real hit, even the Dad's got the slide going" said Senior VP P.J. "The weather was just perfect, everyone stayed central to the stage which just added to the atmosphere, and the dancing and singing towards the end gives us awesome ideas for next year".

A massive thank you to all that attended, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. A massive thank you to all those who were involved with both events, our First Year Social Committee blew it out of the park, it was a sensational weekend. Thank you all for your hard work......

Enjoy the off-season and we'll see you in 2018.......

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