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Will This Weekend Go Ahead

It's the question on everyone's lips and with Round 1 following a very wet weekend and so many new parents and coaches, we thought we'd let you know how it works.

With rain scheduled Thursday and possibly Friday, it's possible the SSFA may call the weekend off early, if not, they will make a decision following ground inspections Saturday morning.

What are ground inspections?

Every club must inspect their fields and decide if they are IN or OUT for games. If enough fields are IN, the weekend will go ahead, possibly with some field changes.

If too many fields are OUT, the SSFA will postpone this weekend. Decisions are usually made on Saturday and Sunday competitions separately. (ie: Saturday may be rained out but Sunday may still go ahead).


With over 870 players, which equates to 1700 parents, we don't have capacity to answer a lot of "are grounds open" questions.

As soon as we know, we will let you know by posting to Facebook and then our website. Watch both closely for updates.

If you have an early game (some grounds kickoff at 8am) and haven't heard anything, assume the game is on and go to the game. Have someone in the car (not the driver) checking Facebook and our Website for updates.

Decisions are usually made between 7:30am and 7:45am.

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