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Round 3 Wrap

Ok, 3 Rounds in and the rain still hasn't ruined anything (touch wood). Here's a wrap up of our Round 3 action.

MiniRoos - While the scores and tables are not recorded, our Facebook page was buzzing with people reporting in on Saturday. Special mention to our 8A's who scored a 3-3 draw and our W7D's who went down 6-2. We also had an amazing win from our W9C2's 2-1. Well done to all our little champions.

Competition Girls Juniors - We had some mixed results with our girls this weekend. Our W12B's had tough 7-0 loss while our W13C's won on a forfeit. The W14X's went down 2-0 and our W16C's also lost 2-1. But our W18C's had a strong win 6-1 win over Bosco. This leaves our W13C's Top Of The League after 3 rounds and our W18C's in the Top 4. Well done girls!

Competition Boys Juniors - Our 12A's and 12B's both won 1-0 while our 12E's lost 2-0. The defending champion 13D's are getting closer to a victory but went down 3-2. The 14A's are Top of the League following their 1-0 victory. The 14B's lost 2-0 but are in the Top 4, while the 14C's won 3-1 to move up to 2nd spot. Our 14D's almost picked up their first victory, but went down 3-2 in a close one.

Our defending champ 15A's suffered their second loss 1-0 to slip to 5th, while our 16B's won 4-0 and our 16D's lost 3-1. Both the B's and D's sit nicely in 3rd place. Our 18A's made it 3 from 3 with a commanding 6-0 win over Bardo and our defending champs 18C's picked up a 1-1 draw to remain undefeated. Our 18A's and 18C's are Top of the League after 3 rounds.

Competition Womens - Our defending champs SWX1's had a bye this week but our SWX2's won 11-1 to snatch first place. It's Miranda and Miranda 1st and 2nd! Our Mums had another rough day, playing out an 8-0 loss. If there are Mum's wanting to play, some more numbers would definitely help. Rego closes end of next week so get in quick!

Competition Mens - Our 21X's played out a 2-2 draw to sit undefeated and equal 3rd. Our O35C's went down 2-1 and our O35D's went down 1-0 after a contentious offside call go the way of the visitors, but still sit in 3rd spot. Our 45B's recorded a strong 4-1 victory over Eagles to sit Top of the League. Our AL2's played out a local derby with the AL2/2's winning 3-2 to record their first win of the season. The AL6's won via forfeit, sitting in 4th spot and the AL7's went down 3-1. Finally our AL14's had an unlucky 2-2 draw after leading 2-0 to remain undefeated and Top of the League.

Have a look at your shots from Round 3 and please share on Facebook.

Our Super little W9C2's had an amazing 2-1 victory, well done girls!

W6D's in action in front of the home ground fans, look at that ball control!

W7D's are all smiles, they obviously love their Footy and their Magpies.

U6B's sizing up the River boys during their away game this weekend.

Our U8A boys played out an entertaining 3-3 draw. Great stuff lads!

Our W7B3's get a strategy session from the coach, well played girls!


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