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So Grading Is Done, What's Next?

So you've registered with Miranda Magpies, great choice. Grading is complete but you're not sure what's next, so here's a guide for you.



STEP 3 - TEAM ALLOCATION - You should have received an email to your entire team, letting you know what team you're in. If there is a Coach and Manager, great. If not, someone has to put their hand up. Don't worry, we're here to support you.

STEP 4 - DO YOU WANT TO SPONSOR YOUR TEAM - Miranda Magpies offers $500 Team Sponsorships, so if you're interested to be a sponsor of your team, email and let them know which team you are, and your business.

STEP 5 - UNIFORMS - It's very important to get your uniform sorted early, they can take 2 weeks to add a number. If you're Miniroos, you don't need a number but if you're Under 11's, you can be borrowed into Under 12's, which is competition so a number is a good idea. Consult your Team Manager to discuss what numbers are available in your team and come down Thursday Nights at 6pm to sign up and order.

STEP 6 - TRAINING - Magpies will not receive fields from Cricket until Monday March 13th, which is when Training is allowed to commence. Discuss with your team and choose the best night for training. The coach will request this to the club via email or at the Coaches & Managers night.

STEP 7 - COACHES & MANAGERS NIGHT - March 15th is the date this year, every team must have someone represent them. It's our night to let you know how we will support you, book training, pick up equipment and get ideas (if you're new at the role). Please make sure someone from your team attends.

STEP 8 - ROUND 1 - First Competition weekend for Juniors is March 26th and Seniors March 27th (Shire Premier League kick off March 19th). Everything should be set by then so it's just time to take the field and do you Magpies Family Proud!!!

If you have any questions, you can contact the club at anytime:


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