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All You Need To Know For Coaching!


Our club has for some time been looking at ways we can assist our coaches to enhance the quality of coaching, in particular with junior teams. There are many opportunities for Coaches to improve their coaching skills and SSFA run accredited courses throughout the whole year. They regularly post information to their website

You can see all coaching information on the "Home Of Coaching" website HERE

Don't miss out on your chance to be part of the Premier Coaching Program in the Sutherland Shire.

MiniRoo (U6's to U11's) Coaching Courses CLICK HERE


Enroll in a coaching course now!  CLICK HERE

If you have any additional enquiries, please contact

To Be A Coach You Need To....

1) Register on as a volunteer.

2) You need to complete a Working with Children Check to be a volunteer, THIS IS MANDATORY. Click Here

3) Attend the 2023 Coaches & Managers Night is Wednesday 15th March, every team MUST be represented. This is where you will pick up your training equipment, book your training time and learn about who we can support you in your role. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. I've never coached before, where do I start?

A. We have a host of people to help, contact coaching (email above) or speak to a committee member.

Q. There's so much to learn, how can I get all the information I need?

A. Attend our Coach & Managers Night, or speak to a committee member.

Q. I don't have balls, does the club provide them?

A. Yes, we provide match balls, training balls, bibs and a keeper jersey in a kit bag at the Coaches & Managers Night.

Q. I want to train straight away, when can we start?

A. We usually acquire the fields from Cricket around the second week of March. You cannot train prior to then.

Q. How do I book a training time?

A. This is done at the Coaches & Managers Night.

Q. Our team doesn't have a coach and/or manager, what do we do?

A. The club unfortunately doesn't have the capacity to provide coaches or managers, the parents in the team will need to help.

Q. I've got some spare time, can I help the club in any way?

A. Yes, we're always looking for more volunteers to help out, send us a message.

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