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It's your turn to help out and don't know what to do? We've put together these documents so you can see how easy it is to support your club. Whether you're packing up a field or helping on the BBQ, all your answers are here....


Saturday duty has been made simple, thanks to our awesome volunteers and paid staff. For Satuday Duty, we need 2 people helping in the canteen and two people serving on the BBQ. For the canteen staff, you will be directed by our canteen manager on what is needed, thanks for your support. For our BBQ helpers, you will serve (not cook) so please be generous in what you do. Always offer two pieces of bacon minimum and follow instructions by BBQ staff.





Saturday pack up crew are responsible for ensuring everything is packed away in preparation for Sunday football. Soccer goals often stay out but nets are taken down. All flags and benches are packed away. Follow instruction from staff.    




Sunday Duty are required to follow instructions from staff at all times. BBQ, Canteen and Ground Control must be administered. 

Thank you for helping!!!

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