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All You Need To Know For Grading!


Grading times for each age group are as per this notice.



Sunday 11th February 2024 - All age groups as per the schedule to

the right, need to attend. (Only age groups listed need to attend)


Friday 16th February 2024 - Under 6's Muster @ 5:30pm

(All Players Registered for Under 6's must attend)

Register 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start


Please be early, bring water (it can be hot) and for the 

parents, a comfy chair to sit back and enjoy.

Players in 6's and 7's are kept with friends where possible, all

other age groups we aim to grade at least the top team.

Grading is a difficult process, to balance team numbers, 

players skill levels, the expectations of parents and of course,

players wanting to play with friends. 

The best results are achieved in grading when...

- Everyone turns up (so we know total team numbers)

- You let us know if you want to be graded

- You let us know if you want to play with a friend

We do our absolute best to accommodate friendships and to

move players up when positions are available. 

CLICK HERE for our Grading Policies

We appreciate your patience and if you wish to discuss the

grading results, please contact us.




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