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Wet Weather Game Changes - Sunday 7th August

Game Changes for Sunday 7th August (as at 2pm 6/8) – Sutherland Shire Football Association

  1. Seymour Shaw 2 games moved to Box Rd 1 same times.

8:30am W21A Cronulla Seagulls V Nth Sutherland

10:30am W21A Miranda V Gymea

  1. Glenn McGrath games moved to Bundeena same times

8:30am SWF Heathcote V Georges River

10:30am SWF Lilli Pilli V Cronulla RSL

  1. Lilli Pilli Oval games moved to Bundeena same times

12:30pm 35B Bosco V Sylvania

2:30pm 35B Lilli Pilli V Como

  1. Woronora Hts 1 games moved to Boystown same times

8:30am W18A Gymea V Bonnet Bay

10:30am W18A Bosco V Miranda

12:30pm 35C Miranda V Bonnet Bay

2:30pm 35C Bosco V Georges River

  1. Oyster Bay 1 games moved to Solander 1 new times

12:30pm 35D Cronulla RSL V Bosco

2:30pm 35D Georges River V Heathcote

  1. Forest Rd games moved to Ridge 3 same times

8:30am AL14 Bonnet Bay V Lilli Pilli

10:30am AL14 St Patricks V Kirrawee

  1. Ridge 3 games now have new times

12:30PM AL10 Engadine Eagles V Kirrawee

2:30pm AL10 Barden Ridge V Kirrawee

  1. Gymea Bay 1 games moved to Buckle 2 same times

8:30am AL12 Kirrawee V Kirrawee

10:30am AL12 Gymea V Bosco

12:30pm AL8 Como V Engadine Eagles

2:30 AL8 Gymea V Bundeena

9. Gymea Bay 2 games moved to Buckle 1 same times

8:30am 35F Cronulla Seagulls V Grays Point

10:30am 35F Gymea V Caringbah Redbacks

12:30pm AL13 Nth Sutherland V Menai

2:30pm AL13 Gymea V Grays Point

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