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Want to JOIN Miranda in 2017?

Do you want to join the Miranda Magpies in 2017 but aren't quite sure what to do, here is ALL the information you need.

When can I register?

Registration commences on January 3rd 2017 on the website.

How much is registration?

Registration costs will be released in the coming months and it depends on the age group you will be playing in. Family discounts are available.

What do I do once registration opens?

Go to and use your FFA number to register. If you do not know your FFA number, you can search for it using your full name and birthdate.

Follow the prompts and select "Miranda Magpies Football Club" as your team!

Once you've registered and paid (either online or at the clubhouse) new players to our club will need to provide ID at our clubhouse registration nights, this confirms your age to ensure you're in the right age group. Photos are taken and often whole age groups are selected for new photos, but we will let you know if you need one. After that, you will be notified by your Age Coordinator when your respective grading night is.

Grading night? What's that mean?

If you're a new player, this is our opportunity to put you in the grade that will best suit your skill level and development. It's important you come to these grading nights. This is also an opportunity to pick up/purchase any uniforms needed. Existing players can try out for higher age groups and sometimes teams are joined as they get older (and more players are needed), the grading nights provides our Age Coordinators the best chance to ensure the right players are in the right team. Once you've been graded, you be then notified of the team you are in and your team manager will contact you to coordinate training dates.

I want to play with a friend, what do I do?

We always try and accommodate friends playing together, especially in the early years (6's to 9's). Let us know at your grading night, we will do our best.

When does training & the competition start?

Usually we resume control of the fields from the Cricket competition in the second week of March, this is the first week we can train. The competition itself usually kicks off last weekend of March or first weekend of April. This will be posted on

Welcome to the Miranda family!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" page.


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