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Registrations start January 4th

It's almost time for the new soccer season and Step 1 of season 2017 is registering with the Miranda Magpies.

Here's how to register.....

2) CLICK "REGISTER NOW" on the right side

3) Enter your FFA Number and follow the prompts (please do not re-register if you've played before)

4) Select "Returning '16 Magpie" package if you played in 2016, your new jersey will be free.

5) Select "Incl New 2017 Uniform" package only if you did not play for Miranda in 2016.

6) All payments are to be made online, please do not change your photograph, all photos must be taken at our clubhouse.

If you have any problems please send us a message by clicking HERE

We're looking forward to having you in the MAGPIES FAMILY in 2017. Go The Pies!!!

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