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Uniforms - LAST CHANCE!

It's your last chance to get uniforms sorted before Round 1, with Ryan our Uniform Manager onsite at our clubhouse Saturday 24th March (tomorrow) from 9am to 12pm.

If you have tried it on and have ordered your uniform, contact Football Team Wear on 1800 384 327 with your order number. They will be able to advise if when it's ready and how to collect.

If you have not tried on a uniform, please come down tomorrow and see Ryan, we'll get you sized up so you order the right uniform, we'll help you work out what number on the jersey you can get too. CLICK on the Pro Shop image below or on our home page to go straight there.

Round 1 is only 2 weeks away, we need everyone with an outstanding uniform enquiry to attend tomorrow so your child doesn't miss out on playing.

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