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Magpies strong again in Round 2

The Miranda Magpies have continued their strong start to the season, with 15 wins, 5 draws and 10 losses in Round 2.

The 12A's and 13A's continued their stunning starts to the season, the 12A's winning 6-0 over Seagulls and the 13A's winning 2-1 in a close affair against Lilli Pilli. The 14D's backed up a strong 4-4 draw last week with a 3-2 win also over Seagulls, as they defend their 2017 title.

The 16A's were most impressive in Round 1, but were frustrated into a 1-1 draw with Lilli Pilli. The W12's also had a frustrating 0-0 draw vs Gymea but all Senior Womens teams recorded wins. The SWA1's won 3-1 over Bonnet Bay, the WSA2's had a bye, The W18A's won 2-1 over Loftus with just 8 players vs 11 and our Mums team, SWF's won 4-1 over Grays Point.

Our Senior men had a steller weekend, our AL3's team played each other with the AL31's winning 4-2, our AL11's won 4-2 against Nth Sutherland and the defending champion AL13's won 4-1 over Bonnet Bay.

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