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Magpies support SSFA MiniRoos Initiative

The Miranda Magpies have pledged support of a new initiative to reduce the number of large scorelines in MiniRoos football. With the extension of games in alignment with Football NSW regulations to 20 minutes per half in 6's and 7's, we've seen a massive increase in scorelines and the Miranda Magpies understand that no child enjoys losing 10-0 or 20-0.

As a result, we will introduce the following guidelines for Coaches and Referees.

1) Coaches and Managers can mutually agree to introduce an additional player on the losing team, should the scoreline be larger than a 5 goals difference. MiniRoo referees will then allow the teams to play (for example) with 5 vs 4 or 6 vs 4 to help even the game.

2) Miranda will actively seek to move teams up or down grades, depending on results starting next week. If you feel your team is struggling, or finding it too easy, please email with your team name and grade, we can then look to find a way to support.

3) Coaches are encouraged to rotate their squad where dominant players exist. These stronger players should be encouraged to share the ball and simple changes like "pass twice before you can shoot" or trying to get everyone on the team to score, helps with passing skills, game awareness and will reduce the scorelines while helping developing kids get a goal or two.

4) In extreme cases, we can also move single players up grades where they are challenged more, this will greatly improve their learning ability.

Please discuss this with your teams and understand that changes to style of play are only being requested, once the scoreline exceeds a 5 goal lead.

We know this will greatly improve everyone's experience with MiniRoos Football.

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