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Sunday 10th June Fields are OPEN

Sunday 10th June is ON, some fields are open but significant changes as below.

Miranda Teams affected are...

WSA2 - Moved from Gymea 1 to Ridge 9.

WSA1- Moved from Forest Road to Waratah Park

All other Miranda teams as originally scheduled. Check below!

Game Changes for Sunday 10th June All home teams to take match cards

1. Lilli Pilli Oval out – All matches moved to Solander 1 same times

35B 8:00am Lilli Pilli Vs Bangor Solander 1

35F 9:40am Lilli Pilli Vs Marton Solander 1

AL8 11:20am Lilli Pilli Vs Redbacks Solander 1

AL5 1:00pm Lilli Pilli Vs Loftus Solander 1

AL1 2:40pm Lilli Pilli 2 Vs Engadine Eagles Solander 1

2. Glen McGrath oval out All matches move to Coachwood new times

W18B 9am Lilli Pilli Vs Cronulla RSL Coachwood

W18A 10:40am Lilli Pilli Vs Sylvania Coachwood

WSE 12:20am Lilli Pilli Vs Barden Ridge Coachwood

AL10 2pm Lilli Pilli Vs Gwawley Bay Coachwood

3. Box Rd 1 out – Matches moved to Solander 2 and 3 as below

AL11 1:20pm Sylvania Vs Bonnet Bay Solander 3

AL6 1:20pm Sylvania Vs Cronulla RSL Solander 2

AL2 3pm Sylvania Vs Barden Ridge Solander2

4. Gymea 1 out – All matches moved as below to Ridge 9, same times : Gymea to take nets and posts.

W21B 10am Gymea Vs Barden Ridge

WSB 11:40am Gymea 2 Vs Marton

WSA 1:20pm Gymea 1 Vs Miranda 2

AL8 3pm Gymea 1 Vs Gymea 2

5. Gymea Bay 2 out- All matches moved as below to Casuarina Oval

W30B 11:40am Gymea Vs Como Casuarina Oval

WSG 1:20pm Gymea 1 Vs Gymea 2 Casuarina Oval

WSD 3pm Gymea Vs Nth Sutherland Casuarina Oval


6. Canberra Rd out All matches moved to the Ridge as below, new times

W18A 1:20pm Gwawley Bay Vs Engadine Eagles Ridge 3

WSG 3pm Gwawley Bay Vs Bundeena Ridge 3

WSE 1:20pm Gwawley Bay Vs Bonnet Bay Ridge 4

AL8 3pm Gwawley Bay Vs Cronulla Seagulls 1 Ridge 4

35F 1:20pm Gwawley Bay Vs Georges River Ridge 5

7. Forest Rd out _ All Matches moved as below, new times and grounds

AL8 3pm St Pats Vs Barden Ridge Ridge 5

W30A 10am St Pats Vs Marton Waratah Pak

WSA 11:40am St Pats Vs Miranda 1 Waratah Pk

45D 1:20pm St Pats Vs Gymea Waratah Pk

45C 3pm St Pats Vs Barden Ridge Waratah Pk

8. Grays Point 1 out – All matches to the Ridge 1 and 2 as below, new times

35E 11:40am Grays Pt Vs Georges River Ridge 1

35C 11:40am Grays Pt Vs Bonnet Bay Ridge 2 (same time)

AL10 1:20pm Grays Pt Vs Nth Sutherland Ridge 1

9. Grays Pt 2 out – all matches moved to Heathcote 4, same times

W18C 10am Grays Pt Vs Redbacks Heathcote 4

W30A 11:40am Grays Pt Vs Loftus Heathcote 4

WSF 1:20pm Grays Pt Vs St Patricks Heathcote 4

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