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15 Magpies Teams Make Finals

The Miranda Magpies have seen 15 of their 31 competition teams make the semi finals in 2018.

Led by the Minor Premiers 12A's, W12B's and SWA1's, the Magpies have secured 12 more spots for the finals.

Congratulations to everyone participating in the 2018 season, it's been a massive year for the Magpies and we want to thank the 12E's, 13C's, 14A's, 14C's, W14B's. 16B's, W16B's, 18E's, W18A's, AL6, AL6/1, AL6/2, AL11, 35F's and WSA2's on a great season, thanks for being so proudly black and white and we look forward to seeing you at the Magpies again in 2019.

Congratulations to our Semi Finalists, 12A, 12C, 12D, W12B, 13A, 14D, 16A, 18B, AL3/1, AL3/2, AL12, AL13, 35B, WSA1 and WSF.

More details will be released shortly when the draw is released and other scores are known.

The Magpies family are proud of you all.....

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