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Womens Summer Soccer - Register NOW

The Miranda Magpies Women's Summer Soccer is NOW OPEN to register. Here's what you need to do...

2) Select Register and put in postcode 2228

3) In the package screen, select "Player" then "Social" and then "Social" again to bring up the summer soccer packages.

4) Click "Get Started" at the bottom and follow the prompts right through and complete payment.

Get all your players to follow the steps above and register on PlayFootball.

Once you've registered, we want a team captain/organiser to download the below Team-sheet.

5) Complete the Team-Sheet for all players playing in your team, whether they've registered or not. Put as much info as you can as we may need to chase them up.

6) Once your Team-Sheet is finalised, email it to

That's it, you're done, start thinking about how awesome it will be to be playing football into summer!

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