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12E's Deliver "The Miracle At Kareela"

The Miranda Magpies kicked off Grand Final weekend with a stellar Saturday, winning all 3 Grand Finals.

The 12E's kicked us off a 9am taking on Engadine Crusaders at Kareela. The Crusaders finished the season 17-0, not even a draw with 102 goals scored and 11 against on 51 points. The Magpies finished a distant second with a 10-2-5 record and 32 points. Engadine completely dominated Miranda in the first semi-final winning 7-0 and storming into the Grand Final. Miranda returned today with a tough assignment, beat the unbeatable team.

In what will famously be known as "The Miracle of Kareela" the Miranda Magpies 12E's did exactly that, dominating the first half, almost scoring from a corner and pushing Engadine all the way. The score remained locked 0-0 at halftime following a Crusaders goal which was correctly called offside just before the break. Engadine dominated the early parts of the second half, keeping field position, possession and intensity, the Magpies were right up against the wall. But a breakaway moment in the 39th minute where a ball was cleared, the Magpies captain and striker Tai took possession and beat two players in his own half, running at the centre back, he drew them close and pushed it out behind, he was away. So fast, he controlled the ball well, touched on into the box, one on one with the keeper and calmly slotted home the winner. The crowd went absolutely crazy.

Miranda hung on for the remaining 10 minutes with brilliant defence, plenty of heart and some awesome last second lunges to block, stop and shutdown all attempts on goal. The full time whistle went and many still couldn't believe it, they'd done the impossible. They were Champions!

Crusaders can feel very unlucky after such a dominant season, but the Magpies knew if they believed, then anything could happen. And it did!

Congratulations to David, Michael and the team, this was an amazing win. Congratulations Champions.

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