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14A's Deliver Their Maiden Premiership

The Miranda Magpies magical Saturday finished off with the 14A's in their first Grand Final. The boys had worked hard all year, neck and neck with Cronulla Seagulls until the latter rounds when Miranda took the minor premiership with 14 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss for 44 points. Seagulls finished second with 14 wins 1 draw and 2 losses for 43 points. The arch-rivals took to the field today with plenty of passion, both teams wanting the win.

The game started fast, end to end football and the Magpies were the first to strike in the 9th minute with Jeremy slicing through the middle and smashing home a great shot for a 1-0 lead. Both teams traded attempts before the 1-0 halftime break, the second half was again fast and frantic. Coach Sid was nervously watching on as his boys gave their all in the August heat, both teams out on their feet at times in the sun. Miranda had several attempts late, shooting wide, over and even into the crossbar late, but just couldn't get that second goal to seal it.

A late injury to a Cronulla player saw a potential dislocated shoulder, holding the game up for several minutes as he was attended to, Miranda hopes he makes a speedy recovery. The final minute played out with a free kick to Miranda, both teams scurrying to score and the whistle went, it was over. Miranda 14A's had won the title. Celebrations on the field after the game and so much pride in this team that has built year on year to be in this position.

That's THREE Premierships from three for the Magpies with 2 more chances tomorrow, our 35F's and our SWA1's.

Congratulations to Sid, Sascha and the team on a remarkable season. You are all Champions!

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