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35F's Go Down In Controversial Circumstances

The 35F's have gone down 1-0 to Marton Hammers in the Grand Final today, but in controversial circumstances after many claim a clear penalty was not awarded.

The Magpies finished 3rd with 9 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses, 31 points over the season and faced off against 4th placed Barden Ridge. The Magpies despatched of the Ridgebacks with ease in a 3-0 drubbing but the shock was in the other fixture, where 1st placed Seagulls lost 3-0 to Marton. That meant a hard draw for the Magpies to make the final, having to play Cronulla who were Minor Premiers by 4 points who only had 3 losses.

The Magpies pulled off The Match of the Season to deliver 2 upsets in a row and send Seagulls tumbling out of the finals, winning 1-0.

Marton now the higher ranked team took on the Magpies in the Grand Final and many thought the Magpies could snatch the title. Miranda beat Marton 2-0 in Round 5 and played out a 0-0 draw in Round 12, Marton hadn't scored against Miranda all season.

The game was tight, as expected for a Grand Final, both teams getting chances to take the lead but great defending kept the scores at 0-0 at the break. Two massive chances to an un-named Magpies individual both went begging and the Magpies were shortly after denied a clear penalty with a player smashed in the box. The player was down for several minutes and ended up going to hospital with a broken collarbone.

Despite the non-penalty call, the Magpies were fighting for a goal, but the game ended at 0-0. It went into extra time and with the Magpies needing a goal to win as Marton were the higher ranked team, they pushed and Marton were lucky enough to get the goal, a 1-0 lead 4 minutes into extra time, hanging on for the victory.

The 35F's were just amazing this year, everyone who was lucky to watch their games loved the spirit in which they played.

Congratulations to everyone in the 35F's for an amazing season.

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