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New To The Magpies?

If you're new to the Miranda Magpies, rest assured, we've got you covered. First, you've picked the best team in the Shire, well done.

You need to register yourself or your child. If registering school aged children, be sure to get your Active Kids codes first from Service NSW before registering, we cannot backdate a code. You will be promoted to enter the code to receive the $100 credit.

Once you've registered at you will need to come to our grading date on Sunday February 9th. Stay tuned for grade times and note Under 6's are on Friday February 7th. Check our calendar.

Once teams are sorted, you need to arrange a uniform. You can do this at one of our Registration days (see our calendar) or at Grading. We will use people on hand to help you try on and confirm what size you are, we'll then order your uniform.

Kids 6-11 do not need a number on their jersey but we do encourage 11's getting a number to ensure they can use the jersey again next year (as Under 12's need numbers). Consult your team manager first to ensure we do not give you a number, that another player already has.

Once registered, graded and uniforms are sorted, your team manager will contact you to confirm training times. Magpies Football do not get fields back from Cricket until week 2 of March so no training is permitted before then. Your manager will work with you on training days and times.

First round is the last weekend in March, you're all set and if you have any questions, visit our "Contact Us" page and we'll answer them for you...

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