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Final Round Wrap

The final round was held last weekend with many teams still in the hunt for a Premiership, here's how it all panned out.

The MiniRoos played their final round, with the 6D's winning 5-2, 7D1's got up 4-2 in a tough encounter, W9C2's had a massive 7-1 victory to round out an amazing season and the W7B3's finished undefeated with a 7-3 win.

The W11A's finished with a 5-1 win at home, Sharlae scoring a hattrick and her Mum Heidi picked up the MiniRoo Manager of the Year award! The 9A's won 4-1, W7D's won 3-2 in a close one, while the 6H2's had a 4-2 loss and the W8C's finished without victory. Finally the 9E's went down 3-1, the 6E's went down 3-1, the W9B2's lost 3-0 and the 7B's finished with just 1 loss, winning 5-3.

We had so many teams report in, we've got more! The 6B's won 8-3, W7E's went down 8-4 and the W10B's lost 1-0 but won the award for Most Successful MiniRoos team. 11A's coach Lachlan Lang picked up the MiniRoo Coach of the Year award. Well done everyone.

Competition Junior Boys - The 12's had a tough final round with the 12A's going down 2-0, 12B's losing 1-0 and the 12E's lost 2-0 but Lynne Graham won the Junior Manager of the Year award, congratulations! The 13D's lost 4-0, while the 14A's won 2-0 finishing 2nd, 14B's won 2-1, 14C's lost 2-0 finishing 2nd and 14D's also lost 2-0. The 15A's had a big 5-2 win.

The 16B's drew 1-1 in a close one, 16D's did the same, drawing 1-1 and winning the Premiership by 6 points, coach Greg Hynes picking up the Junior Coach of the Year award. The 18A's won 3-2 to win the Premiership by 9 points and also won Best Performing Junior Team, while the 18C's snatched the Premiership from Bosco who drew, Miranda winning 6-0 in the final round to win by 2 points.

Competition Junior Girls - The W12B's finished with a 3-0 loss, W13C's also lost 3-0, while the W14X's lost 2-0. The W16C's won 7-0 and W18C's won 3-2 to finished 2nd.

Congratulations to all our Junior Teams and award winners on an amazing season, especially our 3 Premiers, 16D's, 18A's and 18C's.

Competition Mens - Our 35C's finished with a 1-0 victory, 35D's also won by 3-0, while the 45B's went down 3-1. The AL2/1's lost 2-0 but the AL2/2's had a spirited 2-1 victory. The AL6 won 4-2 and AL7's also won 4-2, while the AL14's who had a bye, dressed in fancy dress and partied well into the night.

Competition Womens - Our Womens for the first time this season, all had wins. The SWX1's won 3-0 while the WSX2's won 2-0, securing 2nd place and winning Best Performing Senior Team of 2020. Finally our Mum's team, the SWH's had back to back victories, pumping Heathcote 2-0 and handing them the spoon in the process.

Well done to all our Senior Teams and award winners on a fantastic season. See you in 2021

Check out our Final Round photos, there are some great shots here...

The 6E's looking proud of their trophies and their efforts in 2020. Brilliant!

The 6D's finished the season with a commanding 5-2 win, they look happy too!

W10B's had an amazing season and are seen here posing for a classic final photo.

W12B's are all smiles, playing with so much spirit in 2020. Well done girls.

W9C2's were jumping for joy with their trophies and their final round 7-1 victory.

The W8C's looking very cool in their Corben Kitchens kit, well played little ladies...

W7D's had a great year and finished it on a high, winning 3-2 in a high scorer.

The W7B3's are proud of their season, their final round 7-3 win and their trophies.

The 16B's looking very cool before their final game, which ended 1-1.

The 9E's journeyed to Solander for their final round, well done boys on a great season.

The 6H2's are another very happy team, well done coach and the team on the season.

All thumbs up for the 7B's, who smashed home 5 in their 5-3 win. Well in lads.


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