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Get A Great Deal With DIVI Home Loans

Hey everyone, I'm P.J., Sponsorship Manager at the Magpies. When Divi Home Loans came on board in 2021, I thought i'd try them out and I've been amazing at how much you can save.

I saved almost $500 per month on my home loan and locked in 1.89% fixed for the next 2 years. I saved more on my investment property, totalling almost $800 per month.

Not only have I saved that much every month, but Divi also paid me $650 towards my family Soccer fees and I received a $5,000 cash in the bank rebate from Westpac. WHAT A DEAL!

The Miranda Magpies also get a year on year commission paid direct, for the life of my loan.

Give DIVI a call or text them on 0411 019 963


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