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Round 1 Wrap

Round 1 is finally July, yes July! It was simply amazing to see everyone out there smiling and getting to finally play the game we all love, especially those Under 6's who had to wait a long long time to get their first ever game.

Here's a re-cap of last weekends results.

MiniRoos - While scores and tables are not recorded, many MiniRoo teams "Reported In" with their results and some cool pictures of their games. Make sure you check our Facebook page around 2pm Saturday to report in on your game. Maybe you had a win, maybe you're kids had a great time, maybe someone scored their first goal, whatever the story, we want to here from you. AND WE WANT YOUR PHOTOS!

Competition Girls Juniors - W12B's went down 3-1 and our W14X (combined A's & B's) started the season with a 2-1 loss. W13C's had a massive win against Bundeena 8-0 while our W18C's had a bye. Our W16C's started very strong with a 5-0 win over Como.

Competition Boys Juniors - Our first year competition teams had mixed results, 12A's winning big 5-0, 12B's going down 3-1 and 12E's winning 2-1. 13D's went down 4-1 to Grays Point in their first game and our 14's almost got a clean sweep. 14A's won 2-0, 14B's won 5-0, 14C's won 5-1 but our defending Champion 14D's went down 6-0. Next week lads!

Our defending Champion 15A's won 3-1 to get their title defence off to a solid start. Our 16B's went down 4-1 and our 16D's won 3-2 in a close affair. Our 18A's started strong with a 3-2 win while our defending Champion 18C's had a big win, 6-1 over Kirrawee.

Competition Mens - Our AL2's both had losses, with the 1's going down 3-1 and the 2's losing 3-0. It'll be a tough competition this year but our men are up for it! Our AL6's had a solid 4-1 win while our AL7's played out an exciting 2-2 Draw. Our 21X's (combined A's & B's) started strong with a 3-2 win while our Super 14's also had a big win, downing Gymea 3-0 and our 45B's started with a 2-1 victory. Finally our 35B's played out a 0-0 Draw and our 35D's kicked off with a 2-1 victory.

Competition Womens - Our SWX's (combined A's & B's) both had wins, our defending Champion SWX1's winning 5-0 and our SWX2's coming from a goal down to win 2-1. Our Mums also kicked off the season in the SWH's, but had a tough start with a 5-0 loss.

Here are some great photos from Round 1.

W6B's won their first ever game 7-2, what a great action shot!

W7D's got the hugs out before the game and went on to win 10-3! Happy Girls!

W7B3 Stormed to a massive 12-2 Victory. "At least 12-2" was the official score.

W7E's were all smiles as they went into Round 1 with a 2-2 Draw.

W14X (A's & B's Combined League) had a great first game, unlucky to go down 2-1.


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