Round 1 - Wrap Up

Round 1 and finally, a new season underway. Here's a collection of your amazing photos from Round 1.

W8E's are all smiles after their 1-1 draw.

These groovy chicks from the W10D's had a big win, very big win! 13-0.

W8D's had a party on the field after their 3-1 victory.

W10C's had a 3-0 victory and thought they'd pose after the game. Nice border too!

These cuties got some blur effects, but they are cute enough thanks!!!

The 16A's had a memorable day up against the Sutherland Titans.

The 12E's had a massive comeback to win 4-3 in their first round match.

The 8D's had a big 2-0 win in their first round and they look very happy about it.

These wonderful lads played out a 7-7 draw, what an entertainer!

The 6C1's played their first ever game and won 5-2. Well done lads!

The W6B's before their big first round match, looking cool.

The 6I1's getting a pep talk from the coach.

The W8A3's had a thumping 5-0 victory, Well Done Girls!

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