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Round 10/11 Wrap

Miranda Magpies had some amazing results last weekend, here's a wrap up of what happened. Saturday competition played Round 10 with the MiniRoos performing well. The W7B3's had a big 8-2 victory with superstar Zara scoring 6 goals, while the 6H2's went down 6-1. The W7A's downed undefeated Lilli Pilli 4-3, W9C2's won 6-0 and the 9A's won 3-0 in their match up. Lara scored the winner in the W7E's 1-0 victory, the 7D1's won big, 6-0 and the W10B's had a bye, but made a special appearance, keep reading. The 6B's ended up 2-2, the W7D's won 8-4 while the W8C's came back from 2-1 down to win 3-2. Finally the W9B2's against our W9B1's, winning 4-2, the 6E's won 4-0 and the 7B's won a thriller 7-6.

Competition Junior Boys - The 12A's went down 1-0, 12B's got a 3-1 win and the 12E's lost 4-2. The 13D's had a 1-0 loss but the 14A's had a huge win, 7-2, keeping in touch with 1st place. The 14B's lost 2-1 slipping to 5th, 14C's won 4-0 to hold equal 1st and the 14D's lost 3-0. The 15A's won a spirited match 2-1, while the 16B's slipped 3-2 and 16D's powered to a 4-1 victory and sit 4 points clear 1st with 2 weeks to go. The 18A's wrapped up the first Premiership for the Miranda Magpies Football Club, winning 3-0 and sit 8 points clear, while the 18C's won 5-3 and sit equal 1st but behind by 2 goals on goal difference. The 21X's went down 3-0.

Competition Junior Girls - It was a massive weekend for our girls, with the W12B's, featuring Cara, Mia and Sofia from the W10B's, who had the bye, winning their first match of the season. Everyone was overwhelmed for the girls, it was so exciting to see them win 2-1. The W13C's went down 1-0, slipping to 3rd while the W14X's also recorded their first win of the season, winning 1-0 thanks to a goal from Makayla. The W16C's went down 1-0, slipping to 4th, while the W18's had a big 4-0 win.

Competition Mens - The Sunday competitions played Round 11, with the 35C's winning 2-0 and the 35D's winning 3-0. The 45B's had a day at the park, winning 6-0. The AL2/1's had a 1-1 draw, while the AL2/2's went down 2-0. The AL6's and AL7's both went down 2-1 and the AL14's won 4-1, sitting 4 points off 1st place.

Competition Womens - The WSX1's had a big 8-1 victory while the WSX2's won big too, scoring 7-0. The SWH's, with the help of some of our W18C's went down 2-0 against 1st place, a massive achievement for the team.

Well done to our 18A's for their Premiership Win, we're hoping to report more wins in the coming two weeks. Enjoy our Round 10/11 Photos...

W12B's, with some W10B's secure a massive 1-0 victory. Well done girls!

The W14X's recorded their first victory, 1-0 in the purple socks.

7D1's picked up a massive 6-0 win with some fantastic passing and defending.

Lara scored the winning for the W7E's and gave the coach an elbow salute.

Dimitri picked up player of the match for the 6H2's, scoring a cracker.

Finally the W7D's with their wonderful smiles, recorded an 8-4 win. GO GIRLS!!!


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