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Round 2 Wrap

The weather was dicey but we did get the games off, although it was a little soggy. We got our boots dirty and played the game we absolutely love. Here's what happened last weekend...

MiniRoos - While scores and tables are not recorded, we had many people report in on Saturday. Honourable mentions to our W7E's who were gallant in their 6-4 defeat, our 9A boys had a big 3-0 win over River, The U6H1's had their first win, getting up 4-2 and our amazing W11A's came from 2-0 down to win 4-2. Check our Facebook page and please post your pictures, we love seeing the smiling faces!

Competition Girls Juniors - Our very depleted W12B's went down 7-0, a massive thank you to the W13C's who helped fill in, before winning their own game 2-0. Great stuff girls! Our W14X's went down 3-1 and our W16C's also went down 3-1. Our W18C's had a 3-1 defeat after their first round bye, so they had to wait a little longer to get on the field.

Competition Boys Juniors - It was a tough day our for our 12's teams, with all suffering big losses. The 12A's went down 4-0, 12B's 4-2 and 12E's 6-0. Chin up boys, we'll get em this weekend. Our 13D's also had a rough outing with a 7-2 defeat. Our 14A's won 2-1, 14B's won 6-0 (WOW) and our 14C's got up 2-0, all starting the season with 2 wins. Our 14D's however lost 3-0.

The 15A's had their first defeat, going down 2-1, The 16B's had a solid 2-0 victory and our 16D's fought a tough 2-2 draw. Finally our 18A's won a high scorer, getting up 5-3 and our 18C's also achieved back to back wins, with a 4-2 victory. Great work boys, keep it up this weekend. We have quite a few teams going for 3-0.

Competition Womens - Our SWX1's had a massive 8-0 victory at 5 sports, our SWX2's also won, going 2-0 too with a 3-1 victory and our SWH's went down 3-1.

Competition Mens - Our 21X's had another victory winnign 2-0 over Eagles. Our 35C's and 35D's both won 2-1 and our 45B's romped to a 5-0 smashing over Gwawley Bay. It was a tough day for our AL2's teams, AL2-1's lost 3-0 and AL2-2's 6-1 in a difficult affair. Our AL6's went down 4-2 to Seagulls but our AL7's won a close one 2-1. Finally our AL14's had their second straight win of the season, winning a cliffhanger 1-0 much to the delight of the entire team and supporters, who partied in the clubhouse after the game.

Check out some of our Round 2 photos and remember to share on Facebook.

The AL14's celebrate a hard fought 1-0 victory and a 2-0 start to season 2020!

A determined clearance in our 14B's 2-1 Victory over Lilli Pilli

GOOOOAAAALLLLLL! Miranda 14B's score to win 2-1 win over Lilli Pilli

Our SWH's are proudly sponsored by LaCure and don't they look lovely?

Two tough units prepare for battle in our AL14's. And it was a 1-0 WIN!!!


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