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Round 3 - Wrap Up

Check out the photos and results from around the ground in Round 3.

The 13A's had a hard fought 1-0 victory

W8E's had a big 7-0 victory, they look happy about it too.

W8D's had a strong 4-1 victory, looking dazzling in their new sponsor shirts.

The 12E's picked up a strong 3-0 victory away from home.

W8C's had a great game too, looks like someone was telling us how they went. SNAP!!!!

The 7H's look very proud of themselves, with a 3-0 win away from home. Let's go to Maccas!!!

The 6I2's scored an emphatic victory for their adoring parents, winning 15, yes 15-0.

The 6C1's are a champion bunch, drilling home a 20-0 scoreline. WOW!!! Sydney FC, here they come!

The 7D2's had a big win too, and some ice blocks, winning 6-0 and slurping the team song.


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