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Round 4 Wrap

Stay up to date on your Miranda Magpies with our weekly wrap. Round 4 had some challenges, with many teams playing in rain, some games didn't even get played. Here's a rundown of Round 4, we hope you enjoy it.

MiniRoos - With scores and tables hidden from view, we need your help knowing what happened in MiniRoo games. The 8F's had a 4th straight win, 5-0 this week, the W7E's won their first game 4-2 over Como and the magical W7D's had a 5-0 win too. Special mention to the W7B3's who won 8-4 and haven't lost a game in 2 years and our 6H2's who won big 10-1!

Competition Girl Juniors - Our W12B's went down 5-0 and our W13C's had a tough 1-0 loss. But our older girls fired up this week, with the W14X's drawing 1-1, the W16C's winning 7-1 and the W18C's getting home in a highly entertaining 3-2 win.

Competition Boys Juniors - The 12A's were brilliant, but outclassed on the day by Seagulls 4-2, our 12B's went down 2-0 and our 12E's had a rough day out, 5-1 losers to Bosco. The 13D's went down 5-1 and our 14A's continued their good form, 2-0 over Como. Our 14B's had a 1-1 draw, our 14C's won 1-0 and 14D's went down 3-1.

The 15A's went down 3-1 in an eventful encounter, our 16B's won 2-0 as did our 16D's. Finally out 18A's commanded top spot with a 3-1 victory and our 18C's won again, 3-2 over Gymea.

Competition Womens - Our SWX1's had a solid 3-0 win in the pouring rain while our SWX2's went down 3-0. Our SWH's had a tough day at the office, going down 8-0.

Competition Mens - Our 21X's went down 3-2, our 35C's didn't get to kick off and our 35D's won 1-0 to right last weeks wrong. Our 45B's went down 2-1 in a mud soaked Field 3. In All Age, our AL2/1's didn't get to play while our AL2/2's went down 5-1. Our AL6's didn't get to play either, but our AL7's got a 2-1 victory. Our AL14's had the BYE.

With no semi finals this year, it's first past the post are Premiers. The following teams are in great positions after 4 rounds. Every win, every goal means so much more now...

12A's - 4th spot

14A's - 1st spot

14C's - 1st spot

16B's - 2nd spot

16D's - 3rd spot

18A's - 1st spot

18C's - 1st spot

35D's - 2nd spot

45B's - Equal 2nd

AL6's - 4th spot

AL7's - 4th spot

AL14's - 1st spot

W13C's - 3rd spot

W16C's - 4th spot

W18C's - 3rd spot

SWX1's - 1st spot

SWX2's - 3rd spot

W7E's celebrate thier first win of the season. Aren't they so cute!!! V for Victory!!!

W7D's had a massive 5-0 victory this weekend, another solid win for the girls.

W7B3's haven't lost a single game in 2 years, so awards all round girls!

12A's have been impressive in 2020, but went down this weekend. Next week lads.

The 6H2's remain undefeated winning 10-1 at home over Loftus. Well done boys.

Our SWX1's were so impressive, winning 3-0 on a very very soggy Field 2.

The 14B's had a hard fought 1-1 draw, looking impressive in a tough competition.


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