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Round 5 Wrap

The rain finally went away and we were treated to a Glorious weekend of sun and Football. Here's our Wrap of Round 5.

MiniRoos - Tables are not recorded, but our W8C's had another win, this time 5-0, while our superstar 9A's team played out a 2-2 draw. The 6D's will probably be the 7B's next year, following their 18-1 victory. Honourable mentions to our 7F's for their 8-1 win and for the W10C's who put up a cool boomerang video, following their 2-1 win.

Competition Junior Boys - Our 12A's had a 2-2 draw and our 12B's won 1-0, but the 12E's went down 4-0. The 13D's almost got a result, going down 4-3 in a classic. Keep your heads up boys. The 14A's continued their winning ways with a 4-1 win, the 14B's had a thumping 6-1 win, while the 14C's drew 1-1 and 14D's went down 3-2 in a close one.

The 15A's had a heartbreaking 1-0 loss and 16B's played out a scoreless draw. The 16D's went down 4-1, while in the 18's, the 18A's suffered their first loss, going down 2-0 and the 18C's also lost for the first time 2-1 in a controversial encounter. Only the 14A's now hold top spot but several other teams are challenging for the Premiership this season, with the first past the post rule in place.

Competition Junior Girls - The W12B's went down 4-0 in a game that saw them almost score so many times, while the W13C's lost 4-2. The W14X's played out a 1-1 draw while the W16C's won 3-0. Finally the W18C's won 4-2 in a high scoring affair. The W16C's and W18C's are in the hunt for the Premiership.

Competition Mens - In the Mens, our 21X's had a rough day, going down 7-0 while the 35C's won 3-1 and 35D's got up 2-0. Our 45B's played out an exciting 2-2 draw. In All Age, our AL2/1's won 3-1 while the AL2/2's went down 4-0. The AL6's had a tough day, losing 4-1 and the AL7's won 1-0. Finally our AL14's suffered their first loss of the season 4-2. Only the AL7's are in first place in a 4 way tie for first, wow, goal difference is definitely going to matter there. Our AL14's and 35D's are positioned well to challenge for the title.

Competition Womens - Our SWH's had to forfeit due to injuries, while our SWA2's defeated the defending champion SWA1's 2-0. They celebrated following the game with a sponsorship from La Cure.

Here are the best shots sent in during the weekend.....make sure you send us your stories and photos.

The 14A's fight off Gymea to hold top spot after their 4-1 victory.

The SWA2's won their club derby match 2-0 and celebrated with La Cure.

The 6H's get some attention from the coach and it worked, winning 4-1.

The What A Shot Photography sponsored W7D's played well, going down 3-2.

The W8C's were so strong, recording another big 5-0 win.


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