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Round 6/10 Wrap

Our Saturday competition caught up Round 6, while our Sunday Competition played Round 10, here's the wrap! The MiniRoos were in full voice this week, with lots of results and photos as we #playinpurple to support the Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

Check our all our photos here!

The W7B3's had a solid 5-3 victory and W7E's win 1-0 in a nailbiter, Koa picked up player of the match. W9B2's won 4-1, 6H2's had a tough 4-1 defeat, W11A's played strong, drawing 2-2. The 6E's won 4-2 and 6D's romped home 7-0, while W7D's went down 5-4 and 6B's lost 4-2. The 7D1's won 10-0, yes 10, that's not a typo, 9A's won 8-2, W6D's won 4-2 and 7B's won 3-1. The 8G's won 3-1 too and looked great in their purple socks.

Competition Junior Boys - The 12A's drew 1-1 after a stunning free kick goal from 40 metres out, but the 12B's lost 1-0, 12E's lost 2-0 and 13D's lost 2-0. The 14's had a great day out with all 4 teams winning on the same day, first time this season. 14A's won 3-0 to sit 5 points from 1st, 14B's won 4-0 and sit 4 points from 1st, 14C's won 4-3 and sit equal 1st, while the 14D's won 5-3. Great stuff lads.

The 15A's won 4-0, 16B's went down 1-0 and drift 5 points from 1st, while the 16D's edged home 4-3 in a thriller and sit 4 points clear 1st. Finally the 18A's won 3-0 and sit 6 points clear 1st and 18C's won 3-2, just 2 points off the lead.

Competition Junior Girls - The W12B's went down 2-0, W13C's won 3-1 and sit 4 points from 1st and the W14X's had their rained out bye. The W16C's won 1-0 and sit 1 point off 1st while the W18C's thumped River 6-1 and sit 5 behind 1st.

Competition Mens - The 21X's won 4-0, 35C's went down 3-2 and 35D's won 2-1 and are 1 win behind 1st, while the 45B's won 2-0 and sit 5 points off 1st. AL2/1's lost 5-0, AL2/2's lost 2-0, AL6's won 3-2 and AL7's won 14-1, yes FOURTEEN!. Finally the AL14's title hopes suffered a dent with a 4-0 loss, drifting 4 points from 1st.

Competition Womens - Our SWX1's won 8-1 and SWX2's won 2-0 to take 2nd spot, while the SWH's went down 4-0.

Congrats to everyone for a great weekend of Football, enjoy the photos.

W9B2's win 4-1 with purple socks and purple hair, what a great team photo!

6B's proudly support the charity, but went down in a high scoring game. Well in lads.

Koa takes out player of the match in the W7E's 1-0 victory.

W7D's did great, but went down 5-4 in an entertaining match. Great socks!!!

W7B3's also had a high scorer, but walked away winners 5-3. They look happy too.

14B's had a day in the park, scoring 4 goals to nil in a comprehensive victory.

12E's supported the Avner Foundation too, and had a good game.

Jakyn was the star as the 12A's drew 1-1 with a 40 metre belter (you should see the video!)

The 10A's looking sharp supporting the Avner Foundation

Dimitri sharing a shot with Dad (and Coach) for Fathers Day weekend.

The 6E's worked hard and came away with a solid 4-2 victory.

The 8G's socked the opposition (sorry about the Dad joke), in their 3-1 victory.


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