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Round 7 Wrap

After a rained out Round 6 Saturday competition and some games getting cancelled Sunday, we finally got a whole round in. We love the rain, but please wait another 6 weeks! Here's a run down of what happened last weekend with our amazing teams.

MiniRoos - With non competition games played, our W7E's had a big with 6-1, check out the video on Facebook of their team goal, amazing! Our W7A's won their match 5-1 and the W9C2's also got up 6-1, while the W11A's won a nailbiter 1-0. The 7B's won 3-1, 8F2's won 1-0 and the W9B2's almost won but conceded a goal on the bell for a 2-2 draw. Finally our 6B's played out a thrilling 6-5 win, the 6E's won 6-1 and our 7D1's went down 2-1.

Competition Junior Boys - It was a horror weekend for our Junior Boys, The 12A's went down 4-0, 12B's lost 2-0 and 12E's lost 4-0, the 13D's had a tough day losing 7-0 and our 14A's went down 2-1 to first place Bosco. The 14B's had a bye and our 14C's were our first winners, winning 1-0 over Seagulls moving to equal first. The 14D's won their first game 4-1 our at Bundeena, the 15A's had a big 6-2 win, while our 16B's won 1-0 and our 16D's won 2-1. Finally our 18A's won 2-0 to go 3 points clear first and our 18C's won 5-2, also sitting in first spot and looking strong.

Competition Junior Girls - Our W12B's went down 4-0 while our W13C's won 1-0 and are within reach of first place. The 14X's lost 3-0 and our W16C's went down 1-0. Finally our W18C's continue their impressive season with a 2-2 draw, sitting in 2nd spot.

Competition Mens - The 21X's had a bad day at the office, going down 15-0 while the 35C's won 2-1 to move just 3 points off first. The 35D's draw 1-1 and sit first in a 3 way tie while our 45B's won 2-1 to move to 2 points front 1st. Our AL2/1 won 6-4 in a catch up game on Friday night and backed up Sunday with a 3-3 draw. The AL2/2's went down 4-0 while the AL6's lost 1-0 on Saturday in their catch up game, backing up Sunday with a 2-0 loss. The AL7's went down 5-0 while the AL14's won 3-2 in a nailbiter, moving to 3rd and 4 points from 1st.

Competition Womens - Our SWX1's went down 4-3 in a highly entertaining game while the SWX2's had their bye. Gymea have a 5 point lead and could be difficult to catch. Finally our SWH's scored their first goal of the season in their 6-1 loss.

The 6E's made it 6-1 against St Patricks, solid game lads, let's get another win next week.

W7E's in their normal photo shoot pre-game (maybe post-game, i see some rosey cheeks)

W7D's had a big win 6-1 and they look very proud of themselves. Well done girls!

We didn't get many pictures this week so remember to post up your photos on Saturday afternoon, you could be a STAR on our website!


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