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Round 8 Wrap

It was a cold and windy weekend but we got to play Football again so who cares, right? Our MiniRoos do not record scores or tables, but we received secret information that our 9C's had a nailbiting 1-0 victory, the rampaging W7D's had another big 8-2 win and Lucy wasn't impressed about the photo either. The 6H2's tried very hard in their 2-1 loss, the 7B's won 1-0 and Savy picked up a hattrick in the W9C2's 7-1 victory. AMAZING!

We also saw the W7A's continue their strong season with a 8-3 win, the 6B's got up 7-1 in a great team effort, while the 8G's downed the Bombers, 3-1. The W7E's won 4-1 without any subs, the 6E's drew 1-1, The 7D's won 7-0 (WOW) the 11D's won 6-0 while the W11A's lost their first game. Sounds like a pretty positive weekend!

Competition Junior Boys - The 12A's and 12B's bounced back to victories, winning 3-0 and 4-1 while the 12E's went down 4-2. The 13D's were unlucky in their 2-1 loss while the 14A's drew 2-2 to lowly Bangor to slip 3 points from 1st, 14B's won 1-0 with an amazing goal (Check out the Photo!), now just 1 point from first, the 14C's smashed Bosco 5-1 and sit equal first and the 14D's went down 9-0 (Ouch!)

The 15A's played out an enthralling 0-0 draw, 16B's won strong 4-0 to sit 2 points from 1st while the 18A's edged past Bardo 9-0, now 3 points clear first and 18C's had a 3-3 draw in a cracker of a match, now sitting equal 1st.

Competition Junior Girls - The W12B's went down to Bosco, W13C's had a strong 6-0 win and are 4 points from 1st while W14X draw 1-1 to their arch rivals St Pats. The W16C's won 4-0 in a fantastic game while our W18C's got a bye week.

Competition Mens - The 21X's had a bye week while the 35C's won 4-1 and 35D's lost 3-1 and are 3 points off 1st. The 45B's had it, but went down 4-3 against 1st place in a high scoring affair. Our All Age Mens had a tough day out, with the AL2/1's going down 6-3 and AL2/2's losing 2-0. The AL6's had a solid 4-2 win, AL7's went down 2-0 and our AL14's drew 2-2 to lowly Nth Sutherland, slipping 3 points behind 1st.

Competition Womens - The SWX1's were upset 6-2 by the Bombers, ending their changes for a 4th straight premiership, the SWX2's won 2-0 to stay in touch with 1st while the SWH's scored twice, but went down 4-2.

Check out the photos and remember to post yours in Facebook!

The Magic Moment - The goal to down Georges River 1-0. What A Shot!

The W7E's are completely excited about their big 4-1 victory. GO GIRLS!

The W10B's played strong this weekend and look pretty relaxed too.

The 9C's snuck home with a 1-0 victory

The W7D's get up with a big win, pink hair, big smiles and 8 goals in the old onion bag.

Thanks to What A Shot Photography, who wrapped up our Team Photos last weekend.

Those Girls Can JUMP!!!


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